Why Japanese Bobtails?

In 1988 I was showing a blue-ticked tabby household pet. She had gotten me hooked on showing. At the shows, I looked around and I was taken by the Japanese Bobtail looks. Then I learned about their personalities. The first part of 1989 I got myself a present. A show quality male JBT called Mushi and began the quest to grand him, showing in two associations.  The rest, as they say is history. He did grand and became my foundation male. I have not heard from Mushi's breeder in at least 18 years after she sold all of her cats and left the cat fancy after a short stay.

Pictured left is his son, GC RW Kurisumasu Tombo, DM, a one-show grand! A not so easy feat. Tombo is Kohana's father. She is featured on the home page. 

I tell people if they want a couch potato this is not the cat for them. But they will love you forever... or until a new home comes along and someone feeds them and pets them and fusses over them. They're quite fickle, actually, which makes for a great family cat. If their current favorite person isn't around, they'll find someone else to bug.  Most JBTs love dogs and kids, too. Mine are raised around my German Shepherd. 

Why do I show?  Besides being a fun social outlet, it's where I test the personalities of my cats. A cat that can be handled by strangers, cats who love to travel, and can calmly accept new situations, is the best foundation for a companion cat.

This is Jojo, well, GC GP RW Kurisumasu Jojo, DM. She was my mentally disabled son's cat. She was a great little girl for him and a great mom cat. She was the older sister of Tombo above. When she earned her D.M. title, we spayed her so Chris could have fun showing her in the alter class where she 3rd Best Cat in the Northwest Region. The people and judges in the Cat Fancy were terrific with Chris.

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