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Above: GC RW Kurisumasu Tentochi of Songgwangsa, main *man* of the cattery.

Left: GC GP RW Kurisumasu Kohana, DM

Kohana aka Poppy was a Pioneer in the Longhair Japanese Bobtail division. When she was born the division hadn't been accepted for championship in CFA. But she was ready. She was the first LH JBT kitten regional winner and the same year (1993-94) she was a regional winner as an adult!  She was the 2nd Grand Champion in the division (and first mi-ke) plus 2nd best of breed the first year barely missing best! She adored showing and was a terrific mother. She earned her Distinguished Merit Award (five grand champion progeny), the first LH JBT to earn this award!  Two of her children became Distinguished Merits and her son GC BW Kurisumasu Ki-ito was the first MALE in the division to earn the award. Kito and his littermate GC Kurisumasu Momiji, DM were Best and 2nd Best of Breed the year they were shown (1995-96). Please visit
www.japanesebobtails.org to learn about her granddaughter
 (MIji's daughter), Shobi.

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